Thursday, August 5, 2010


life,theres only one word for it,
treat it well and u end up with crap,but everything that happens has its reasons,thats my view on life,problems here and there,but it all happens because god intended it to be like that,to test us,to see how far can we handle our problems,how patient can we be
my mom told me once, "god test us to see how far can we go,but only to our own limit"
heck,took me years to understand what she said,but as i grew older,i finally understood what she told me, experiencing a wide variety of problems in my life. as we grow older,more problems come and smack us right in the nuts, but we learn from our mistakes, god gave us brains for this particular reason, so we can think and know whats bad and whats good.

i thought i would live a happy and normal life, like those happy families u see in those little kiddie books, papa bear,mama bear and little baby bear living together eating porridge or some shit,i bet the guy who wrote that book must be trippin balls on meth or something to come up with shit like that, but yeah, i thought my life would be like that,live old to see my parents still together, wake up to see my mom serving breakfast for me and my dad, but all of that never happened,i never knew how it felt like to live a normal life with ur family still intact.

but i lived through it,god wont give us something we cant handle right..
this thing is effing short,because im writting out of boredom..
have fun reading ya leng leng,hehe

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