Sunday, May 8, 2011

Give me some rope I'm coming loose, I'm hanging on you

yeah,give me some rope,instead of planning on what to write,i promised some dear old friend of mine id right something in here if she would do the same,but yeah,i dont mind if she doesnt,im just in the mood for writing,while listening to foo fighters new single over and over again

so yeah,i promised i wont write long,so ill just make one little section special for the little ngek,u know who u are,so here goes :)

to whom it may concern (ngek number 1 *yes you*)
once upon a time, in a dark and mysterious land full of weirdos,creeps,stalkers,girls,boys,old perverted men disguising themselves as boys,sometimes girls. the land called tagged, where one lonely and bored as hell 19 year old dude (now 20 :D) randomly added people from the magical application called meet me. as "the dude" skimmed along the way, he stopped and saw the most ngek-est girl on tagged of all, and she is to be known as ngek , so "the dude" clicked the big green button that said yes on it and continued on with boredom, as he was done with all his hard days work of skimming thru pictures of unknown creatures of the land. he got bored and went to play the game of the gods FIFA 11 .

masa pun berlalu dan "the dude" terdengar seekor sugar glider bernama ahmad sedek melalak depan beranda rumahnye, die pun terus ke bilik dan refresh page tagged nye,facebook nye,bukak lagu dyers eve dan check result kerje meng-add nye tdi,die pun dpt la 5 new friends,sang kancil pun bukak la dan nampak sang ngek punya gamba,dan bersama sang ngek terdapat surat terbang yg mengatakan sang ngek telah menjadi kawannya, hang tuah pun bertukar jdi power rangers merah dan terbang ke russia utk bagitau bakal bininya olga kurylenko (sile click,awek saye :D)

olga kurylenko pun berkata kepada power rangers merah,putus tunang kerana ngek in lagi comel dan suarenye pasti lagi menawan dripada saya,OLGA KURYLENKO, "the dude" pun putus la tunang ngan olga dan terbang ke spain utk lepak ngan gerard pique yg tgh main gelek ngan awek nye shakira,pique pun tanya la "the dude", dude, dalam bnyk2 bende,bende ape yg banyak?,dah "the dude" dapat satu idea yg bernas,die akan gunekan teka teki itu utk mengelakkan dripada keadaan yg membosankan bile die nak chat ngan org2 seperti ngek,dan tibe2 dtg seorang tok guru wing chun hendak bertempur dgn "the dude".

hero kite terus bukak kuda2 dan menepis sepakan tok guru wing chun itu, tok guru wing chun tu terkejut dan die kebelakang memberi ruang utk pengantin baru dan "the dude" and the tok guru bukak langkah silat utk org kawin, pengantin lelaki itu sungguh kagum dgn kehebatan mereka berdue, dan join mereka bersilat,di background pula,lagu jamiroquai sedang dimainkan, dan mereka bertiga terus berjoget funky, "the dude" mengambil peluang keemasan utk mencilok bini pengantin lelaki itu dan bawak balik ke china utk dijual di black market,setelah die dpt wang hasil jualan bini pengantin itu,die pun pergi ke emirates stadium tgk arsenal kalahkan manchester united 1-0 hasil dri sepakan ramsey (RAMSEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

tbe2,seorang ahli sihir dtg menjenguk "the dude",ahli sihir itu mengoffer "the dude" satu beg ganja yg bernilai 10 juta us dollar, "the dude" pun terima lah hadiah dri ahli sihir itu dan terus ke rumah sammy choy utk berkongsi hadiah yg die dapat dri ahli sihir itu,sambil mereka melayan tumbuhan unik itu, "the dude" pun berkata pada sammy choy "dude,i got the munchies" mereka pun geledah dapur rumah itu dan hanya jumpe sekeping biskut, sammy choy pun berkata kepada "the dude", "dude, i got the hup seng"

tbe2 kedengaran satu suare kartun gelak sebab malu bak kate cousinnye yg ngok secare tibe2,mereka pun gelak same2 dan pergi ke rumah "the dude" utk men fifa bersama2

sampai disini jela cerita saye,im too sleepy to continue,so ya,its crap,covered in more crap,coated with some honey and cornflakes,baked in an oven to a crisp, and served cold with a glass of milk

cya :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

breakdowns and childhood memories

ever had that one moment where everything seems to fade away,ur mind goes into a blank state,u cant think anymore,and u realise that ur not urself,and u cant do anything about it,ur body moves by itself,u cant control ur actions,and u forget everything..

i just had one of those moments,just a few minutes ago,and i could only remember vaguely..
im not going to tell the reason why i had this breakdown, its too personal to tell people..
after the incident that led to that breakdown, i was still normal, or so i thought i was, out of nowhere i decided to take a walk around my apartment, just to clear my mind, get some fresh air, just to get out of my cramped room that made me feel uneasy. i threw on my hoodie, took my phone, and went down, i did some rounds and started to talk to myself, just walking down the road doing my own shit, took me a whole 10 minutes to walk around the whole lot, and out of nowhere, things suddenly went out of control, i couldnt stop talking, heck, i cant even remember what i was talking about, at that moment i started to feel weird, my arms and legs were weak, a slight chill went through my spine, it got cold all of a sudden, that moment i started to come back, i was scared, looking left and right, i finally snapped, i walked faster heading towards my building,sat down on the stairs, and started weeping like a little kid. i took my sweet time to calm myself down, just sat there...

i remembered alot of things during that moment, i started to remember my childhood, how rough and lonely it was, i took a good look at my house, looked at the road that led to the playground i frequently visited alone. the parking lots filled with cars and bikes, the lonely guard sleeping in the guardhouse,it was all the same, the scene was still the same as i remembered when i was a little kid..
but not everything was the same, i didnt have any friends when i was a kid, and that led to me playing alone in my own little world, the sewers became secret passageways to an unknown world, the playground became my own little fortress, the trees surrounding the lot became my own army of giants, and i was the hero of my own fairytale, running along the buildings, fighting imaginary villains with my toys, hiding behind cars, climbing staircases in every building clearing up the baddies..but all of that has changed now, the sewers became,well..sewers, my fortress became rusted and filled with graffiti, all the swings and slides were in ruins, and the trees, my army of giants just became old and rotten, that was all 12 years ago..and i have changed to, from becoming a lonely kid in a world of his own, to a fully grown teen 19 years of age, with more things to think of other than tree giants and playground fortresses.

all the memories that came back to me helped ease my pain, calmed me down, thinking how silly i was during a kid, knowing now that im lonely no more, and i should never give up on something..and now here i am, telling my story to those who are kind enough to read..


Thursday, August 5, 2010


dreams, one of the most greatest and weirdest things that happens to us..
sometimes we dream of weird things, dream of the things we want most in life, dream of the things that are impossible to achieve..
dreams sometimes makes us feel like a kid again, suddenly ur fighting a villain to save the ones u cherish most, becoming a superhero saving the world with ur friggin awesome superpowers..
sometimes..we dream of sad things, the things we dread most, losing someone we love, dream of ourselves dying or being hunted and killed and all that crap.

when i was a kid,i used to have this dream of falling of a building, and what confuses me is that it happened for quite awhile, every night i would dream about falling down to my unavoidable death, waking up lying on the floor with a lump on my head, after that scene my mom took the mattress down to the floor, effing scared the crap outta me.

once i had a dream of becoming one of the cybercops on tv, fighting mutant dinosaurs in the sewers of my hometown, claiming victory over the reptiles of the deep, going up to surface and radioed my awesome transformers like robot which turned out to be and old mini bus, went inside and suddenly the credits rolled just like the show, one of the weirdest dreams i had as a kid, a fuckin mini bus as my mode of transportation, for fucks sake why?

i guess dreams are unexplainable, some people say dreams are the things we saw before we slept, maybe i was watching a rerun of cybercops and remembered about the mini bus i went on with my uncle,who knows right..

as we age, our dreams age along with us, we no longer dream of becoming super heros or armored crime fighters, we start to dream like the big boys now, dream of our crushes during highschool, dream of meeting the perfect gal, dream of going on a great escape with someone, having an adventure in a land far away filled with danger and romance, dream of changing our lives and starting fresh again,all the things that are impossible to reach in our real lives..

i wish i would never wake up from my dreams, its the only time i could be whoever i wanted to be, do whatever i wanted to do, without the fear of doing something wrong and facing the consequences..thats the kinda life i want, but no can do, just have to live with what i got right now..
if i told that to someone,surely they ll say "in ur dreams!"

If These Trees Could Talk

i got the name for my blog from these guys
amazing band,lots of tunes to relax to,and really suits the mood when i tend to wander off by myself

jia leng

ya im a bear
deal with it!!


life,theres only one word for it,
treat it well and u end up with crap,but everything that happens has its reasons,thats my view on life,problems here and there,but it all happens because god intended it to be like that,to test us,to see how far can we handle our problems,how patient can we be
my mom told me once, "god test us to see how far can we go,but only to our own limit"
heck,took me years to understand what she said,but as i grew older,i finally understood what she told me, experiencing a wide variety of problems in my life. as we grow older,more problems come and smack us right in the nuts, but we learn from our mistakes, god gave us brains for this particular reason, so we can think and know whats bad and whats good.

i thought i would live a happy and normal life, like those happy families u see in those little kiddie books, papa bear,mama bear and little baby bear living together eating porridge or some shit,i bet the guy who wrote that book must be trippin balls on meth or something to come up with shit like that, but yeah, i thought my life would be like that,live old to see my parents still together, wake up to see my mom serving breakfast for me and my dad, but all of that never happened,i never knew how it felt like to live a normal life with ur family still intact.

but i lived through it,god wont give us something we cant handle right..
this thing is effing short,because im writting out of boredom..
have fun reading ya leng leng,hehe