Thursday, August 5, 2010


dreams, one of the most greatest and weirdest things that happens to us..
sometimes we dream of weird things, dream of the things we want most in life, dream of the things that are impossible to achieve..
dreams sometimes makes us feel like a kid again, suddenly ur fighting a villain to save the ones u cherish most, becoming a superhero saving the world with ur friggin awesome superpowers..
sometimes..we dream of sad things, the things we dread most, losing someone we love, dream of ourselves dying or being hunted and killed and all that crap.

when i was a kid,i used to have this dream of falling of a building, and what confuses me is that it happened for quite awhile, every night i would dream about falling down to my unavoidable death, waking up lying on the floor with a lump on my head, after that scene my mom took the mattress down to the floor, effing scared the crap outta me.

once i had a dream of becoming one of the cybercops on tv, fighting mutant dinosaurs in the sewers of my hometown, claiming victory over the reptiles of the deep, going up to surface and radioed my awesome transformers like robot which turned out to be and old mini bus, went inside and suddenly the credits rolled just like the show, one of the weirdest dreams i had as a kid, a fuckin mini bus as my mode of transportation, for fucks sake why?

i guess dreams are unexplainable, some people say dreams are the things we saw before we slept, maybe i was watching a rerun of cybercops and remembered about the mini bus i went on with my uncle,who knows right..

as we age, our dreams age along with us, we no longer dream of becoming super heros or armored crime fighters, we start to dream like the big boys now, dream of our crushes during highschool, dream of meeting the perfect gal, dream of going on a great escape with someone, having an adventure in a land far away filled with danger and romance, dream of changing our lives and starting fresh again,all the things that are impossible to reach in our real lives..

i wish i would never wake up from my dreams, its the only time i could be whoever i wanted to be, do whatever i wanted to do, without the fear of doing something wrong and facing the consequences..thats the kinda life i want, but no can do, just have to live with what i got right now..
if i told that to someone,surely they ll say "in ur dreams!"

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